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(I do my best to translate the faq, but iam sure its not perfect. If you find an error, iam grateful for any hint.)

Despite the best intentions, it is not possible to reproduce all the questions at this place. If you got no answer on your question in the tournament announcement, the rules and/or the explanation below, please send an e-mail or talk to the tournament-direction or a committee member directly. Questions via e-mail are usually answered within 24 hours.

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Questions about EBIF

Legal position, structure and services of the EBIF
To structure and services of EBIF have a look at About EBIF.
To legal position of EBIF please have a look at Legal Notices.

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Questions about the website / MY EBIF

What do you find at MY EBIF?
The area is exclusively reserved for registered participants. They can comfortable register to new tournaments. For the matches of their ongoing tournaments they find pre-filled forms to contact their opponents, to publicate a schedule and to post a match-result.

How do I get access to MY EBIF?
Click to EBIF Registration in the menu to join EBIF. The tournament committee withdraws participants to access, if their behavior is unsportsmanlike or irregular.

How do I insert a photo?
To insert a photo, send this by e-mail to the tournament director. The photo should have an aspect ratio of 4 to 3 (height / width). The format ( .jpg, .gif, .png, ...) is free. Other images, such as symbols, drawings, etc. are not considered. The photo appears only to registered participants after log-in. Other visitors on the website doesn’t have access to the photos!

Where do I find the forms for the tournament completion?
The forms - with the exception of the tournament registration - are available exclusively for tournament participants at MY EBIF.

How does the match logs are used for?
With the result message the match logs are stored on the server. If necessary the tournament management converts match logs in the format .xg to the format .txt and/or adds several matchfiles-parts with an editor together. Afterwards all match logs will be analysed with consistent settings by extremegammon and the performance rate of each match will be determined.

The results are currently being updated usually weekly on the website. Registered participants are able to download analyzed match logs after log-in by clicking on the performance rate. Other visitors to the website have no access to the match logs. The format of the protocols is prevalent .sgg, sometimes .txt or .mat (depending on the format the participants sent).

Bugs and suggestions?
The tournament committee is grateful for any suggestions. Like questions please send an e-mail or talk directly to the tournament director or a committee member.

Email-problem with mobile apps
If you get a match-request via the form on our website EBIF uses in this emails different senders- and replayto-email-address, for example:

  • Senders email-address (fix):
  • Senders name: name of player -> Klaus Müller
  • Replay-email-address: email from player ->
If you answer your opponent by using the replay-button of your email-software, the email goes to the reply-email-address Please notice, that some mobile apps have a limited range of functions: They ignore the replay-email-address and send the answer to Because in the most email-software there is only shown the recipients name, but not the recipients email-address, you does not notice that. Klaus Müller won't receive the answer-email. If you use one of this apps you may use the form on the website to answer at emails.

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Questions about tournaments

How do EBIF sets the format for the tournaments?
The tournament format is determined individually, taking into account the expected number of participants and the respective advantages and disadvantages of each mode and the previous experience. However, it is impossible to be in determining the preferences of each individual participant.

May anyone participate in the tournaments?
Basically yes, EBIF Germany is open to any backgammon player. The tournament direction may depend the participation of the membership of a national association (DBIM) or skill level (Three Lives Open). You will find a note in the annoucement. In addition, the tournament direction has the right to reject any registration without name the reasons, especially if the participant is noticed in the past at EBIF tournaments by unsportsmanlike or irregular behavior.

Which requirements I need for a tournament participation?
The games are played in doubt at GridGammon, a free account at the backgammon server GridGammon is necessary. In a tournament registration EBIF Germany supports new accounts. See also EBIF and GridGammon below

How do I register for a tournament?
New tournaments will be announced at Announcement on the website. Sign in is reserved for registered participants. After logging in, you can sign in or out with a click on the MY EBIF - NEW TURNERS page. The sign in and sign out for the tournament will be confirmed by e-mail.

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Questions about DBIM

Why the german citizenship or the center of life in Germany is provided for the participation?
The aim of the EBIF is to organize tournaments at european level with the best players from every nations. Therefore each player may start only at the qualification tournament of the national association he would like to belong.

Do I need a certain skill level to participate in the tournament?
No, participation in the DBIM is not tied to the skill level or a rating.

May I leave the tournament before ending?
Basically to leave a tournament before ending is regarded as unsportsmanlike conduct. At DBIM 2014 it is possible to unsubscribe to the next draw. The drawn matches have to be played to avoid a distortion of competition.

How does the Buchholz-Score work?
The principle is quite simple: I add the victory points (match points, not game points) of my previous opponents. It does not matter, if the opponent "earned" the points by playing or at by decision of the tournament direction. The presence or result of performance-rate analysis have no influence on the Buchholz-Score.

A special case occurs only when a participants left the tournament before its end. For these participants, it is assumed that they have all the games played. The missed matches will be counted as half as a win and half as lost. If my opponent left the tournament before its end, I get for the Buchholz-Score a) his victory points and b) 0.5 points for each match he didn’t play.

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Questions about Three Lives Open

How does the format of the tournament works?
The tournament will be played in triple-knockout format. The triple-knockout format is explained below.

Do the matches in the first three rounds have to be played in a certain order?
No, the games can be played in any order?

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Format of the triple-knockout tournaments

Each participant plays until he has either lost 3 times and is therefore eliminated or otherwise until he has won the tournament with less than 3 losses. The following places are awarded - unless the special case applies, see below - based on the number of rounds the participant remained in the tournament. There is no tie-breaker. The calculated PR has no influence on the result of the tournament.

Round 1 to 3
The pairings of rounds 1 to 3 are randomly drawn and played simultaneously. The games can be played in any order.

After round 3
The pairings - inclusive the buy - will be drawn round after round according to the swiss system with a tournament software. As soon as at least one pairing has to be drawn a second time because no new pairings are left, the software draw is abandoned and the tournament director will manually continue the draw in the following manner:

  1. For an odd number of remaining participants the bye is alotted among those players who have received fewer byes than others in the previous rounds of the tournament. If there is only one participant without a bye, he gets the bye automatically. Have all participants an equal number of byes, the bye will be drawn among all participants.
  2. For the rest of the remaining participants, those who haven't played each other yet will be paired. In case there is more than one pairing to be set this way, the pairings will be decided by drawing lots among those participants.
  3. Eventually the remaining participants will be paired by drawing lots.
Special case
If there are 3 remaining participants and all of them have 2 losses and an equal number of byes, then the rest of tournament will be played using the following format:

These participants play each other in a round-robin format. If each participant wins exactly one of his matches, the same thing will be repeated in a new round. As soon as one player wins both of his matches, the number of wins from this round decides about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

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Qualification for international tournaments Champions Cup and Europeans Cup

The World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF) organizes once a year the tournaments Champions Cup and Europeans Cup.

For the Champions Cup are qualified:

  1. The best 3 participants of the Champions Cup last year.
  2. The best 3 participants of the European Cup last year.
  3. The best 3 participants of each National Championship last year, who are not qualified according to A. or B.
For the European Cup are qualified:
  1. The best 3 participants from both EBIF Open last year, who are not qualified according to A-C. If one or more participants are qualified for Champions League according to A-C., the following participants of EBIF Open don't move up! EBIF Open is organized twice a year directly by World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF)
  2. The best 3 participants of each National Championship last year, who are not qualified for Champions League according to A-D.
Decisive for the qualification are only the tournament rankings, not the performance rate.

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GridGammon and EBIF

EBIF and its participants are using GridGammon
EBIF Deutschland organizes tournaments which are currently being played on the server GridGammon. EBIF Deutschland is not involved or operator of GridGammon in any way. Players, who wants to participate in EBIF tournaments first have to ask for an GridGammon-account.

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Configuration of GridGammon on Windows-PCs

Windows 7 - Change save path
Windows 7 is proposing to install the program to C:/Programmex86/GridGammon, but later it denies to save match logs in the specified folder C:/Programmex86/GridGammon/SaveGame.By this reason it is necessary to change the save folder in the menu of GridGammon.

After starting the software you will find in the menu at Options – AutoSave Settings () the settings for the location. Best is to select the folder My Documents. There access rights are permanently available.

Change file format of the game log
The game logs are stored after installation only in .cbg-format. The .cbg-format is not recognized by the used tournament management software eXtremegammon. The .txt-format is partially incorrect and also only partially suitable. Therefore it is necessary to change the file-format manually.

With started software you will find the file-format in the menu at Options – AutoSave Settings (). Please enable Snowie Gridgammon (.sgg). This format is easily processed by all analysis programs.

If the match log is divided into multiple files, it is possible to merge them with an editor.If you are unsure about this, please send all files to the tournament direction.

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