In remembrance to Martin Birkhahn

The tournament is organized in remembrance to Martin Birkhahn. In february Martin died of cancer as as a joung man. Martins family commited us his backgammon-estate with the requirement to use it reasonable. With this tournament the estate, comprising 26 books and magazins, two boards, one clock and equipment to record matches, will be distributed as material prices. Furthermore only participants of this tournament are entitled to buy Martins Gammoner-Board by auction. The income from entryfees and auction - less disbursements for mail-order - will be completely donated to Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V. (German Institut for medical care of cancer sufferer and cancer research).

This tournament is open to all players regardless of their nationality or main residence. All information are in English and German language. Participants outside Europe should be account to play at European times. Registration is possible until 11.06.2017 via the registration page on this website. Unless specified otherwise the tournament rules for EBIF Germany applies.

The tournament is open for participants of all classes.

Entry fee
The entry fee is 15 Euro. The entry fee has to be paid to the tournamentdirection. Further details will be provided in our email with the registration confirmation.

The income from entryfees and auction - less disbursements for mail-order - will be completely donated to Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V.
In order of their ranking the 30 bestplaced participants choose one item from the remaining estate (see list below), which he will be sent. The tournamentdirector will write to this participants in sequence.

Where to play
In general matches have to be played at GridGammon. Participants without an account at GridGammon may ask for registration at

Format for tournament
All matches have to be played in triple-KO-format to 11 matchpoints. Detailed information about this format you can find here. In addition to the format the Buchholz-Rating will be used as first Tiebreaker to get unique placement. In case of a unique placement after using the tiebreaker the decision will made by direct comparion, than by lottery.

Format for the auction
The Gammoner-Board will purchased in a dutch auction. The auction will start with the tournament and an amount of 1.000 Euro. Each day the amount will be reduced by 5 Euro. The current amount will be shown in the NEWS of EBIF Germany. With an email to the tournamentdirection the board will be purchased to the first bidder. The bid has to be paid in 3 days to the tournamentdirction. Otherwise the bid is invalid an the next bidder will be asked.

The tournament will start a few days after registration closing. For the simultaneously played rounds 1 to 3 there will be a minimum of 4 weeks, for the subsequent rounds there will be a minimum of 2 weeks to play your matches. The duration of the tournament will depend on the number of participants.

Please e-mail your questions to the tournament direction.

Gammoner-Board incl. precision- and doublingcubes as shown

Material prices for the tournament
Backgammon-Board 1 incl. cubes as shown

Backgammon-Board 2 incl. cubes as shown

Clock Excalibur Game Time as shown

Equiment to record live-matches as shown

26 books and magazins as shown in the table below

Books and magazins
No.year of publicatonAuthorTitelPagesLanguageKind of bookCondition
11974Bruce BeckerBackgammon for Blood176englishPaperbacko
21991Bill RobertieAdvanced Backgammon Vol. 1 and 2272/270englishPaperbacko
31992-1993Harald JohanniDas Backgammonmagazin (8 Magazines)8 x 80germanHefto
41993Kit WoolseyHow to Play Tournament Backgammon50englishSoftcover broadsheeto
51995Jon TremaineThe Amazing Book of Backgammon125englishHardcovero
61998John LeetWinning Backgammon128englishPaperback+
72000 (1st ed. 1981)Robert NortonHoyle on Backgammon57englishHardcover, tabloid+
82000 (1st ed. 1981)Robert NortonHoyle on Backgammon57englishHardcover, tabloid+
92000Kit WoolseyNew Ideas in Backgammon336englishPaperbacko
102000Bill Robertie501 Essential Backgammon Problems384englishPaperbacko
112001Norm WigginsBoards, Blots and Double Shots136englishRingbindungo
122001Jeremy BagaiClassic Backgammon Revisited199englishPaperbacko
132001Bill RobertieModern Backgammon361englishPaperback-
142002Chris BrayWhat Colour is the Wind243englishRingbindungo
152002Kit WoolseyThe Backgammon Encyclopedia Vol. 1124englishSoftcover broadsheeto
162004Walter TriceBackgammon Boot Camp339englishPaperback+
172005Marty StorerThe Matches of Malcolm Davis Vol. 1 and 2187/243englishSoftcover broadsheet+
182007Chris BrayBackgammon to Win176englishPaperbacko
192007Byron Jacobs et al.How to Win at Chess and Backgammon216englishPaperbacko
202008 (1st ed. 1998)Chris BrayAn Independent View139englishSoftcover broadsheeto
212008Dario de ToffoliIl Grande Libro del Backgammon 520italianPaperback+
222010Chris BrayWind Assisted217englishSoftcover broadsheet+
232013 (1st ed. 1976)Paul MagrielBackgammon498germanHardcover+
242013Ongun and Güray AlsaçPlaying Doublets153englishPaperback+
252013Ryuichi ShinaCube Action 1000 Vol. 1 to 3336/336/337english/japanese (barely text)Paperback+
262014Bob WachtelIn the Game Until the End Vol. 2112englishSoftcover broadsheet+