Climbers Cup Special on 16.05.2020

All participants complete the basecamp together. Afterwards, the participants are divided into 3 groups to climb Mount Everest, Mont Blanc and Fuji. The best mountaineers of their groups will be awarded prizes.

Participation is open to all persons. Participants outside Europe should be prepared to play at European times. The registration is possible for registered players of EBIF Germany after login in the area MY EBIF - NEW TOURNERS until the 15.05.2020 If not described otherwise the tournament rules of EBIF Germany apply.

The pairings are played in doubt at GridGammon. Information about membership at GridGammon can be found here.

Mode for the Basecamp
5 games are randomly drawn for each participant. The games are played on 7 match points. The order in the table is according to 1. number of wins, 2. number of Buchholz points, 3. Performance Rate of opponents, ascending (If it is not possible to analyse all matches due to split, damaged, missing match files or due to time constraints, the final round will be set based on the PR of the matches analysed until then.). At the end of the Basecamp the participants will be assigned to the groups according to the number of their victories:

  • 5 and 4 wins -> Mount Everest
  • 3 and 2 wins -> Mont Blanc
  • 1 and 0 wins -> Fuji

Mode for the groups Mount Everst, Mont Blanc and Fuji
The tournaments are played in the simple KO system on 7 match points. The players are seeded according to their position in the table.

The tournament will be held on Saturday, 16.05.2020. Tournament start is at 13.00 clock CET+1/UTC+2. The rounds 1 to 5 are to be played in the order given (round 1, then round 2, then round 3 ...). After the preliminary round the tournamentdirector sets the groups. The start of the groups is scheduled for 18.30 clock CET+1/UTC+2.

Special tournament rules:
To keep to the tournament schedule, the following must be observed:

  • The matches must be played in the order of the advertised rounds (round 1, then round 2, ...)
  • The matches must be played without a break. The target time for all matches is 45 minutes.
  • Breaks between 2 matches are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • If a player wants to stop the tournament prematurely, the tournament director has to be informed.
In case of a disconnection of EBIF Germany or GridGammon for more than 30 minutes, the tournament will continue as a pure online tournament. This means that the deadlines will be extended sufficiently, the matches are to be played by personal agreement between the players. The tournament director will inform all participants immediately by email.

Please send questions about the tournament by E-Mail to the tournamentdirector.