DBIM German Backgammon-Internet-Championship

!!! Please notice, that this tournament is a pure national championship.
The english version is for information only !!!

The tournament winner receives the titel "German Backgammon-Internet Champion". Furthermore the 6 best ranked players will be qualified for the international tournaments Champions Cup (1. - 3.) or European Cup (4. - 6.) at WBIF International.

To participate in the tournament the german citizenship - regardless of location - is provided. Players with other nationalities may participate, if their center of life is Germany and they give up to start in national championships in other countrys participating EBIF. Registration is possible until 31.12.2019 for registered members of EBIF Germany after login in the area MY EBIF - NEW TOURNAMENTS.

The tourney is open for participants of all classes.

Where to play
In general the matches have to be played at GridGammon. Participants without an account at GridGammon may ask for registration at

The tournament contains a preliminary round and a final round.

Preliminary Round
The preliminary round will be played in the Swiss system with 12 rounds. All pairings have to be played to 11 points. In case of equal wins will decide: 1. Buchholz rating, 2. Sonneborn-Berger rating. The 16 bestranked participants and all participants with equal wins to the participant at place 16 are qualified for the final round.

Final Round
The final round will be played in single-ko-system. All pairings have to be played to 15 points. The participants will be placed. The 1st plays against the 16th, and so on. If there are more than 16 participants qualified the bestranked participants gets a bye. The 3rd and the 4th place will be played in a small final. The players losing the quarterfinals plays matches for the 5th and 6th qualified players for the european cup.

The preliminary round starts at 01.01. and end at 30.06. At the beginning of each month 2 matches will be drawn. The matches have to be played simultaneous till end of the month. Each participant is allowed to leave the tournament after playing his drawn matches by sending an email to the tournament direction. The final round starts at 01.07. There will be 3 weeks time to play for each match.

Please send your questions via e-mail to the tournament direction.