Crazy Christmas, Santa and Ruprecht - 2 tournaments

The tournament is open to all players, regardless of their nationality or main residence. Registration is possible until 29.11.2019 for registered members of EBIF Germany after login in the area MY EBIF - NEW TOURNAMENTS.

The tourney is open for participants of all classes.

Where to play
In general the matches have to be played at GridGammon. Participants without an account at GridGammon may ask for registration with GridGammon at making reference to the participation in this EBIF tournament.

The Crazy Christmas consists of two single tournaments. Its possible to take part in only one or in both tournaments:

  • Santa
    All pairings are played to 7 points.
  • Ruprecht
    All pairings are played to 1 point. Against the rules, the participant will reach the next round, who loses his match sportingly. Non sporting loss by rule violations (Missed matches, ...) or resigns in advance leads to elimination from the tournament. The matches should be played with the option 'unrated'.

Both tournaments will be played in single-elemination-system. The matches for both tournaments will be drawn. The matchfiles have to be send for the tournament Ruprecht too, but won't be analyzed.

The tournament will start a few days after registration closing. Each round should be played within 2 weeks. The pairings will be automatically fixed from the tournament-management-system, if both players of the next pairing are known.

Please send your questions via email to the tournament direction.