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Adam Prager  -   Zdenek Zizka   1:0


If a novice starts with tournament-backgammon, there are a lot of new things. Therefore we would like to give novices an experienced player to his side to support him at his first steps.


Tournament Calendar

15.01. Three Lives Open
01.02. DBIM
15.03. Intermezzo
15.05. Three Lives Open
15.07. Intermezzo
15.09. Three Lives Open
15.11. Crazy Christmas


10. TLO, tournament started at 13.09.16

60 participants from 9 national associations are registrated. 5 participants will play their first time at EBIF Germany. (13.09.2016 )

New tournament: 10. Three Lives Open

For this tournaments you may register from now on. Start is at 15.09. (19.08.2016 )

8. Three Lives Open has ended.

In class expert Boris Alexander Naumann defeated Fritz Rattinger in the final. Sebastian Müller got the 3rd place.

In class advanced Jens Stahn is the winner. David Domig got the 2nd place, Andreas Horder the 3rd place.

In class intermediate Ralf Schmiedel is the winner. He defeated Heiko Struß, The 3rd place is shared by Birgit Pavelka and Nick Kitanow. (13.07.2016 )

5. Intermezzo - Start of the tournament

46 participants joined the fith run of this KO-tournament. (12.07.2016 )

Clock inserted at the website

To give assistance to players in other timezones, on the right side at the top of the website you find a clock, which shows the current time in germany. Thats the time which is decisive for scheduling. (01.07.2016 )

New Announcement: 5 Intermezzo

The 5th tournament from this series was announced today. (27.06.2016 )

Gridgammon is back

(18.06.2016 )

Gridgammon is offline again

GridGammon was online from Monday morning to Tuesday noon, than offline again. At the GridGammon-Facebook-Site they posted, that they will be back in 90 minutes. Now they are offline minimum 18 hours. I have no information, when GridGammon will be online again. Please notice again, that all tournament-deadlines at EBIF Germany are prolonged, till the matches are played. (15.06.2016 )

Gridgammon is back

(13.06.2016 )

Gridgammon is temporary offline

Since sunday GridGammon is offline for maintance and update. I don’t know, when the Server is online again. Because of experience in the past I am sure, that GridGammon will come back in the next days.

At EBIF Germany there will be no matches unplayed because of the GridGammon-Downtime. All deadlines are prolonged for one week to reschedule cancelled matches. If it still would be a problem to play your matches in time, please contact me by email, we will find a solution. (09.06.2016 )

4. Intermezzo has ended.

In class One the winner is Rodryk Schönfeld. In the final he defeated Michael Rudolph. In small final Christian Derichs defeated Zdenek Zizka .

In class Two Andreas Horder is the winner. 2nd place went to Tolga Ulusoy. In small final Manfred Reiner played with Hannes Pavelka and Manfred defeated Hannes. (24.05.2016 )

9. TLO, tournament starts at 11.05.16

71 participants from 10 national associations are registrated. 9 participants will play their first time at EBIF Germany. (11.05.2016 )